Curriculum vitae


2005-2007: Universiteit van Amsterdam, (UVA), Research Masters in Media Studies

2001-2004: Piet Zwart Institute / Willem De Kooning Academy Rotterdam, NL in collaboration with Plymouth University of Arts and Education, UK, MA Fine Art, Awarded with Distinction

1993-1999: Athens School of Fine Arts, Cum Laude, GR

1997: Fine Arts School of Seville, Spain, 5-months studies under Erasmus Program funded by the Greek National Institute for Scholarships

Selected Exhibitions

2007: “Intersections”, ULISphotoFEST, Yapi Endustri Merkezi / Fotograf Vakfi, Istanbul, TR (solo, catalogue)

2007: “Stories Next Door”, Alamanas 10, Athens, GR

2007: “Filming”, Touring Exhibition of the Awarded Photo Series of the 8th International Panorama of Independent Film & Video in 48 cities in Greece and Cyprus

2006-07: Photo Biennale “Erosion 2006”, Cultural Communication Center, Klaipeda, LT (catalogue)

2006: “Wo[+]Man”, Human Rights Festival, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens, GR

2006: “Schuil”, DVD Presentation by ZIMIHC, Luis Hartloper Complex, Utrecht, NL

2006: “Rotterdam [Inter]nationaal”, Artstore KunstAmbassade, Rotterdam, NL(catalogue)

2006: “Montage”, Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, NL (duo with Sara Hasenbrink)

2006: Video Streaming Festival {The Hague}, NIAF (Nederlands Instituut voor Animatie Film)

2006: “W.I.P”, Eglise St Julien, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, FR (award)

2006: “8th International Panorama of Independent Film & Video”, IDEAL, Patras, GR (award)

2006: “BigBang”, Drama International Short Film Festival, Drama, GR

2006: “SYNCH, Innovative Music, Moving Image, & New Media Festival”, LavrioTechnological & Cultural Park, Athens, GR (nomination for best video, catalogue)

2006: "Festival Miden", Amfeia’s square, Kalamata, GR (catalogue)

2006: “Intro Out – 2nd International Digital Art Festival”, Wood Factory at Mylos Cultural Center, Thessaloniki, GR

2006: “PixelDance II”, Kodra, Thessaloniki, GR (catalogue) 

2006: “Belle Arte Lamia 2006”, Panellinia Exhibition, Lamia, GR (catalogue)

2006: “Slack Video”, The Lamp, Hull, UK

2006: "Exploding Cinema", Hoxton Hall, London, UK

2006: “Eleven Music”, The Space, London, UK

2006: “Darklight Festival”, Film Base, Dublin, IE

2006: "OUTVIDEO", FAQ Café, Moscow / Salut cinema, Yekaterinburg/Public Spaces, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, etc. RU (DVD catalogue)

2006: “Dentro me / Inside me”, Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, IT (cat.)

2006: “Il Coreografo Elettronico, XIV Festival Internazionale Di Videodanza”, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, IT (CD catalogue)

2006: “Camera Obscura”, Lanfranchis Memorial Discothèque, Sydney, AU

2005: “Breda Photo / De Troost De Schoonheid De Schaamte”, Lokaal 01,Breda, NL

2005:“Made in Rotterdam/Concept Sketches”, Gil & Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam, NL

2005: “PixelDance Video Art Festival”, Piktor, Thessaloniki, GR

2005: “Video Art”, The Factory, Athens, GR

2005: “Island Video Art & Film Festival”, Prenelle Gallery, London, UK

2004: Presentation of the video-work “Standing Still” in TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2004: Presentation of the video-work “Standing Still” at the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, NL

2004: “High Spot”, Gil&Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam, NL (duo with Efrat Zehavi)

2003: “Graduation Show”, Piet Zwart Institute/Willem De Kooning Academy,TENT, Rotterdam, NL (catalogue)

2003: “Ex-sight”, Gil&Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam, NL

2002: “Gulliver”, Gallery De Aanschow 80b, Rotterdam, NL (solo)

2002: “Ramble”, RAM Foundation, Rotterdam, NL

2002: “De biennale van de een minuten”, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL (catalogue)

2002: “Madam I am Adam / The organization of private life”, Gallery of Kunstuniversitat Linz, AT

2002: “The 3d First VHS Festival”, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL

2002: “De Wereld van de Witte de With”, Art & Culture Festival, participation with the Gallery De Aanschow 80b in the Nederlands Foto Instituut, and participation with Gil & Moti Homegallery’s project “Body Case” in TENT, Rotterdam, NL

2001: “Three Young Artists”, Athens Art Gallery, GR (trio)

2001: “Art & Civilization”, 8th International Meeting of Young Artists in Didimoticho GR (exhibition & residency)

2001: “Wireless World”, INFO QUEST, Jockey’s Club, Athens, GR (catalogue)

2001: “Art & Environment”, 2nd Eco festival, National Park, Athens, GR

2000: “Alumni Exhibition (Athens School of Fine Arts)”, The Factory, Athens, GR (catalogue)

1998: “Photographic Exhibition”, The Old University, Athens, GR (catalogue) 

1997: “BABEL” Comics Festival, Athens, GR (catalogue)

Additional Publications

2007: “Kiki Petratou, The Video Sessions”, article by Marilena Astrapellou, SOUL magazine, pp. 72 – 73, February 2007, GR

2006: DVD “Schuil” by ZIMIHC, produced by De Ruimte Ontwerpers vof, Utrecht, NL

2005: Breda Photo Magazine, Breda Photo, p. 26, September 2005, NL

2005: Het Stadsblad, Rob Cremer, 14/09/2005, NL

2005: BN de Stem, Rebecca Nelemans, 16/09/2005, NL

2003: “Madam I am Adam / The organization of private life”, edited by Anke Bangma, Klaas van Gorkum, Iratxe Jaio, Jeanette Peacher and Peter Westenberg, Piet Zwart Institute/Willem De Kooning Academy Rotterdam & Die Experimentelle / Kunstuniversitat Linz, pp. 140 – 145

2001: “Inside” magazine, p. 32, April 2001, GR

Awards / Grants / Scholarships

2006: Award for the photographic project “Personae” in the exhibition “WIP”, at the Recontres International de la Photographie in Arles, juried by Patrick Le Bescont (Filigrane’s Editions), Sophie Ristelhueber (Photographer) and Armelle Canitro (Journalist / Critic on Photography), Arles, FR

2006: Award for the photographic project “Personae” and Memorable Award for the video “The Way in Which He Is Lying There” in the “International Panorama of Film and Video”, Patras, GR

2006: Nomination for Best Video Work for “Unsuspected Time” at the “Synch Festival for Music and Digital Culture”, Athens, GR

2001: Scholarship granted by “The Athens School of Fine Arts” and “Michelis Foundation” for a Masters Degree in Fine Art

2000: “The Greek Maritime Center Award” (first excellence prize for an Athens School of Fine Art graduate)

1997: "IKY" scholarship for the Socrates-Erasmus exchange program, Athens, GR