Curriculum vitae

born: 1980 Dueren, Germany


2003/05 MFA, Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Enschede, NL

1999/03 BFA, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Utrecht, NL,

1999 Abitur, Stiftisches Gymnasium, Dueren, Germany

Selected Exhibitions

2006 Norrköpings konsthall, Norrköping, Sweden
The Future of Life shows how an utopic vision, on how life will look like in the future, can be displayed through minimal means and effort. ‘The Future of Life’ consists of a combination of video, sculpture, painting and a small drawing/sculpture exhibition showing the work of, mainly Amsterdam based, artists (Morgan Betz, Martijn Olie, Sjoerd Tim, Daragh Reeves, Andreas Arndt, Falke Pisano, Marcel van den Berg and Anne Schiffer)

2006 De Appel, Amsterdam, nl
This years Curatorial Training Programme will curate the minibar during their studies at De Appel. Maaike Gouwenberg starts off by inviting Rotterdam based artist Anne Schiffer.

2006 Artlink, Belgrade, Serbia
In this three-day seminar and two-week workshop, I engaged local and international scholars/lecturers and artists in understanding the different facets of the situation of Majdanpek region and attempted to introduce imaginative changes in the public space. These were both in spatial and conceptual form through articles and site-specifi c art. The workshop included 6 scholars and 15 artists. The participating artists were from the region of Majdanpek, from Serbia and included international artists.

2006 Rael Artel Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia
Hopes and Fears was a group exhibition based on contemporary ethnocentric West European societies where social structures seem to be more and more simplifi ed through the use of media-fueled maxims. 6 artists from the Netherlands wanted to investigate the question why modern societies are attracted to
these simplifying methods that seem to be able to feed such primal human emotions: feelings of hope and fear. Hopes and Fears was an exhibition that tried to deal with a society where sometimes no gray areas seem to exist; where our fear and anger are constantly juxtaposed against our desires, dreams and hopes. The artists therefore wanted to propose to create two “seperated” and contrasting theme rooms that deal with this current zeitgeist; one for “Hopes”; the other for “Fears”; a “dark” and a “white” room.
The artists liked to present a confrontation of differing contemporary artistic visions on both subjects to
the audience.

2006 Artotheek Rotterdam / Centrum Beeldende Kunst (CBK), Rotterdam, NL
‘Je moeder!’, was a solo-exhibition/ work in progress at the Arthotheek Rotterdam about transporting the City into the White Cube. ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Some people demand it, others want you to beg for it. Still others swim in their own. Respect is something everyone wants and some people carry their desire for it to the extreme.’

2005 Doors of perception, New Delhi, India
Nomadic Banquet was an urban mapping and service design workshop in New Delhi (India) by the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) for the Doors8Delhi conference. Participants involved from other art and design institutions were Pearl Academy (New Delhi), NIFT (New Delhi), Shrishti (Bangalore), IIT Bombay, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In the this workshop (organised by Debra Solomon) 16 participants were working in interdisciplinary teams to develop a proposal, a prototype an experience or service design in the form of a wandering feast through the city streets of Delhi. The research was focussed on the street-vendor
culture in India.

2005 Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht , NL
Utrecht Uploaded! Expodium, platform for young art, wants to give the art climate in Utrecht a boost with the show Utrecht Uploaded. The artists in Utrecht Uploaded all show a fresh attitude to the abundance of fragmented information in our society. In their work they examine the impact of this on our daily lives.

2004 Open sceen, Kriterion, Amsterdam, NL
Eistanz, a short film, which like the sport itself skates a fi ne line between skill, technique and kitsch presentation. To put it short: the film points at starry-eyed youngsters, dreaming of an easy glide to stardom.

2004 Paraeducational Room: Tent/ Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL
Facts of Chance was a fullafternoon presentation, by invitation of the Paraeducational Department of Witte de With. I collaborated with Marcel van den Berg & Frank Koolen, to explore the different aspects of fiction and non-fi ction within the phenomenon known as chaos, showing short films made by ourselves and the work of other people.

2004 Lost & Found, Amsterdam, NL
Santa Agata di Bolognese, the shot fi lm about the famous supercar ‘Murciélago’ built by the original Lamborghini factory (before the factory was was sold to Audi-Volkswagen) was shown at a Lost & Found a drive-in cinema showing several video’s connected to the fascination of cars. In my research fot the project I went to the factory near Bologna but was forbidden to enter. In the 3 minute fi lm you see the polysterene Lamborghini I built myself and the real car built in the factory.

2004 Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht, NL
You Can Take Me Out The Hood (...), a solo presentation, investigating the commercial dominance of mega-popular Hip Hop culture. Fascinated by the repeated, nonstop display of the Hip Hop community’s status symbols in music video’s & other media, I created an installation based on my own rap video ‘#1 Stunna’.

2004 Academiegalerie, Utrecht, NL
F als E, was a groupshow with Lieven Hendriks, Frank Koolen, Jaap Kroneman and others.The exhibition, curated by Marcel van den Berg, dealt with the question, “Is the difference between the original and the fake important to the vitality of art?”

2004 Nanjing Design Institute, Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China construction was the second exhibiton I participated in during a 6 week stay in China. Curated by Manel Esparbé i Gasca, the show presented work by all the participants of the Dutch Art Institute - a combination of dynamic manifestation, art exhibition and project report.

2004 Nanjing Art Institute, Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China
Luggage was the fi rst exibition during a 6 week cultural exchange between the DAI and the Nanjing Art Institute & Nanjing Design Institute. The show presented work by all the students of the DAI and other participants including Goodwill, Stuart Bailey, Paulina Olowska, James Beckett, Martha Colburn, Sylvie Zijlmans & Debra Solomon. Related Experience

2004 Resonance 104,4 fm, Londen, GB
Open Air Sewing: Interested in the history of fashion and cultural exchange, Tracey Prehay and I conducted a sewing workshop on Hu Xiu as part of the public programming at Resonance 104.4 fm for the Freeze Artfair. The workshop, a live radio event, showed participants how to create their own, one of a kind, Hu Xiu. (Hu Xiu are traditional cotton sleeves worn by working-class women and men in China.)

2004 Roombeek Project, Enschede, NL
Roombeek Project: Focusing on the possibilities of rebuilding an old fabric factory into a public building or school, I made a 3D-proposal. During the project I participated in theory-classes, manifestations, discussions and an exhibition of the proposals.

2004 Expodium, platform voor jonge kunst, Utrecht, NL
M.U.U.R., Mural Urban Underground Reaction. A collaboration with Frank van der Velden, Expodium and 15 street/graffi ti-artists.

2003 7 x 11, Website
7x11 is a temporary workspace for artist at the vinex-location Ypenburg. The house is used by artists who want to realise projects in Ypenburg as a place for livIng, working or presentation. The 7x11website documents the projects in Ypenburg and the participating artists. Designed as a ‘virtual house’, or a representation of the real house in Ypenburg, it includes an extending number of ‘chambers’ where the work of several artists are shown.


2005 RESPECT, Anne Schiffer, Rotterdam NL
isbn 90-809743-1-5
‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T, is a visual reaction on the growing infl uence of popular culture into the world of Fine Arts.’Some people demand it; others want you to beg for it. Still others swim in their own. Respect is something everyone wants and some people carry their desire for it to the extreme.’

2004 Dreamer Pleaser Supercar, Anne Schiffer, Utrecht, NL
Dreamer Pleaser Supercar, is a publication about my polysterene reconstruction of the Lamborghini Murchiélago. The booklet is my fi nal approach of this statussymbol. The design of this booklet is very much related to the actual Lamborghini Diabolo folder. It is a selling brochure.


2006 STEP beyond mobility fund